Look at those duds! Happy 90th grandpa! (at The Douglaston Club)

Look at those duds! Happy 90th grandpa! (at The Douglaston Club)

I hate deadline… extensions

Not when clients do it, but when it’s a merit based deadline. Like Cannes or ADC. If you care so much about being a good creative, get your god damn work in on time like the rest of us.

#Greenpoint cats enjoying the weekend

#Greenpoint cats enjoying the weekend

at Hope Garage

at Hope Garage

I forgot

What good am I as a writer if I cant even keep up a blog? Not that people read anything anymore.
I wish I did. I feel like I never have time to read. Or write. Or draw. Or update my portfolio.

I work, I come home and I cook for my grandpa. After I do the dishes all I feel like doing is vegging out one the couch. And when I do get around to something I just feel like I should be doing one of the others.

Tomorrow I start jury duty, which instead of the fun homicide trial I prayed for, will be a long and drawn out personal injury lawsuit. Plus I’m sure I’ll still have actual work to chime in on afterwards so there goes that free time.

Again, I have to keep thinking positively. I’ve been researching Paris nonstop and day-dreaming of all the things I’ll do and how lovely it’ll be once I get there.

Things I learned from not being “it”

- Blog more
- Be in an improv group
- Have a budget for sketch videos/headshots
- Already be somewhat “known”
- Pretend I just moved to New York from Idaho
- If you can’t be a minority, be whiter
- Get a nosejob
- Quit your job

It’s all bullshit anyway.
Fuck it, I’m going to Paris!

Sunday mourning

Doing my nightly round of internet snooping, I found out I definitely wasn’t chosen for the writing workshop I applying to. I had an inkling, but with no official rejection, I held a crumb of optimism. So that’s kind of a bummer.

Also the True Detective finale sucked out loud. I think I’ll go into this later, but I was really unhappy with they way it ended. It’s never a good thing when your story ends with more questions then answers,

Despite a few disappointments this evening, I did make some really exciting plans. I finally booked and confirmed my fall trip to Paris. It’s super exciting, and now I’ll have something to look forward to when I get down.

Lord knows I’m a voodoo child

Lord knows I’m a voodoo child

It’s Q&A Time!

Q: How sad are you about Harold Ramis?
A: Terribly, horribly sad. As a youngster he was my favorite Ghostbuster and maybe had a bit of a crush on Egon. He was an incredibly creative, funny writer and actor.

Q: Are you watching True Detective?
A: Oh my god I’m OBSESSED! I talk about it every Monday with the other writer I work with. Time is a flat circle and all that shit.

Q: How was your day?
A: Pretty shitty.

Life as I know it.

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